camp cot stretcher bed tent Camp cot stretcher bed tent

The wife and I have one of these each and they are great. We have the oversize.

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We lay out a 75mm self inflating mattress and a sleeping bag to suit the time of year and just use a pillow from home. There's heaps of room at the feet end for a bag or your boots or whatever.

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  • At each end above your head is a series of pockets and these are great to put your phone in if say you've got an alarm set or a small torch your watch etc etc If you zip the whole thing up you will get some condensation. Thats why we chuck a tarp up if there is a threat of rain so we can have all the sides up.

    They come with a fly and I had the pleasure of sleeping in it once in the middle of a severe hail storm out in the open no tarp and it was brilliant. The storm was that bad it shredded the peoples tarp next to us and bent three of their poles.

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  • I actually thought it was just heavy rain and only found out in the morning it was hail. A couple of mods I did was to cut the lugs off the end that can be used as a back rest.

    Located in the front panel 33 is a ventilation opening 21 which is covered by a screen 35 and an imperforate covering The camping cot of claim 1 wherein the ventilation opening is covered by an outer perforate screen and an inner imperforate cover detachable from the interior.

    As you open this end up it stops at that position and you have to pin the cot down with your foot and lift the end to get it past the lugs. The other was to get rid of the webbing straps that secure the folded out end to the feet and replaced them with heavy duty rubber ockie straps.

    I'll post some pics to show you what I mean. The webbing straps are a real pain in the butt to snap on and take off.

    camp cot stretcher bed tent Camp cot stretcher bed tent

    They pack flatter than a swag too. Most importantly of all they are super comfy!!!! Also in my case one fits brilliantly on the roof cage for if I do a solo.

    I found this method handy for Stockton Beach to keep up out of the sand and get a good breeze all around. We call em Stretcher Swags

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