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  • With my luck when I do need them I wont find any: Thought I would share: They don't like the dips in the mat. I tried selling them, and no one would buy them, so now I'm stuck with them.

    Just my 5 cents! My dck's thank goodness will sleep on the floor - we had a 'camping day' and they ended up falling alseep on the area rug!

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    I'm thankfull that above all the eating issues they sleep soundly! I vacuum all the time and they stay KO I have to go in each day and wake them up, only my own DD wakes up on her own. Inspired by Reggio , The centre ended up reinvesting in cots and putting those in the gym as 'safety mats' around climbers and for somersaults.

    Passive approaches are more convenient as they work without you having to do anything after put in place. When he brought back the grass trimmer to the store, he was told to read the fine print on the back of the receipt. Includes two 40V batteries.

    That's a good idea too I have dickered between cots or mats but even without knowing I wondered just how comfortable the fold up ones would be because I could see some child's hip or knee or elbow getting stuck in the crack and it being annoying. I did see some that were a three fold rather than four so at least the hips would be on something solid for at least most kids.

    cot bed canadian tire Cot bed canadian tire

    Then I realized by the time I folded up five mats they would take up the same if not more space than stacking 5 mats.

    I just wish the mats were longer as even now using the crib mats I see 3 year olds that lay straight and toes are at the end so on something only " they for sure would have to curl up although being thin the toes would just rest on the floor I guess.

    Even the cots are no longer so at least with the mats the feet aren't on the frame. Then again I have considered just buying new crib mattresses or getting foam toppers and covering them myself. Play and Learn , I have currently 2 dcks on it, and they seem to like it. I have no complaints. I do ask parents to provide me with a pillow and a mattress protector a crib one works well.

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  • He has never complained at all, but then he is a really good sleeper. It never even occurred to me that the kids would complain about it! However, it's a good heads up in case future kids don't like it.

    Crayola kiddies , It has never occurred to me that a toddler would complain as anything would surly be better then the hard bottom on the pack n play I have 4 in pnp's and one one the floor on a sleep mat. I was told by licensing that all the others who bought this style had the same issue and to simply tape the edges back in place with duct tape. It works but doesn't look great.

    cot bed canadian tire Cot bed canadian tire

    Going to take a look at the whole catalogue. Always nice to find a canadian source for supplies.

    And that your apartment might look "dirty" with all the dust on the floor and bed. Don't let your air mattress outdoor to deflate and lose firmness in the middle mattress the tire a look at Canadian Tire Flyer September 8 14 and camping offers. With A engine start.

    The handles would allow hanging a couple garage storage type hooks on the wall and hanging them up. How about in a row along a wall to pad it for play then lay them down for sleep.



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