cot bed rail teether Cot bed rail teether
How low does the crib rail cover hang? The drawer is an added bonus and great for storage. This means that when you remove a rubber crib rail protector, you will also need to remove the sticky, gunk that is left behind.

See active discussions on August Babies H Crib rail covers for teething I like the cloth covers. My mom made one for our crib and liam chews on it and it absorbs all the drool.

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P Posala Heather My son is up to 8 teeth now and has not once chewed on the bed rails. I'm sure it just depends on the baby, like with everything else. If I were you, I'd wait to see if you need them. My son has never slept in a crib but he never once chewed on anything while teething. Just a lot of drooling and some cranky nights. T TerraJo Heather My two older sons never chewed on the crib railing, my youngest isn't pulling himself up to it yet The crib I have though has a built in plastic cover, so I'm not worried.

I agree with the pp, wait to see if your child actually chews on the rail.

cot bed rail teether Cot bed rail teether

I went to get him one AM and he had chewed the whole front bar of his crib. He has one of the life time cribs and it doesn't take the covers. I made one out of the five dollar fleece blankets you can buy at Walmart.

cot bed rail teether Cot bed rail teether

I am going to try to cover them up now for the new baby. My DD was in the crib until 14 months and never chewed any part of it once. L Loribraham Heather Absolutely! I am laughing at some of the posts on this! Our crib looks like a woodpecker got a hold of the rail. Of course when he stopped chewing the crib an realized he could take the protectors off, they made great "trains" and ended up strewn all over the place!

M Mommyof2AmazingKids Heather Both of ours chewed their cribs, so I would say probably some kind of cover will be needed.

Buttons can pop off and are the perfect size to be swallowed by a curious baby. If your baby enjoys staring out into the nursery then stick to a crib rail cover that does not hang. To make up the guards, take a rectangle of main fabric and a rectangle of backing fabric and place right sides together.

But one Mom suggested to wait and see if you need them and thats what were doing with this one! O my son never chewed on the rails so i thot this was crazy! My nice crib is ruined now, because my son has chewed it up!

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  • He would wake up quietly and chew on the rails, I would go in and he would have paint and wood in his mouth. It looked like a beaver had been chewing away at some parts of it.

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  • The rail covers aren't necessary but I would count on your child chewing on the crib for sure. Most babies will do it. E Ellandriel Heather I a gree with the pp! Our crib is currently on it's 3rd baby and our oldest in that crib got the protection covers off!

    She chewed the rails all to pieces! So I would wait and see if your baby does. I def don't think it is something you need right now.

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  • So for us it would have been a waste. These are the 6 best convertible cribs on the market. Best Mattresses for Toddlers When you start to see the signs your little one has outgrown the crib, start doing your research.



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