cot bed reviews 2015 Cot bed reviews 2015

The Snuzpod 3 in 1 bedside crib: Co-sleeping evolved for us throughout our parenting journey and now seems to make a lot of sense. This is our review.

cot bed reviews 2015 Cot bed reviews 2015

Our co-sleeping journey Ten years ago, when The Big One was born, the midwives at the hospital showed me how to feed her lying down on my side. When we got home, I carried on feeding her that way and when she was done I would creep her back into her own bed again.

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  • The School Boy, sadly, was so poorly with reflux that he was unable to lie flat at all and feeding upright was a must. We invested in a Baby bay bedside crib so that we could bed share as safely as possible.

    Unfortunately, the open slats on this crib made for a chilly night and The Toddler preferred the warmth of my bed, next to me instead. Who can blame her? And then safe sleeping took on a whole new meaning for us all. Suddenly we were faced with the prospect of a low birth weight baby but we still wanted to co-sleep.

    cot bed reviews 2015 Cot bed reviews 2015

    We wanted to protect her as much as we could as she slept, and a bedside crib seemed the best way to do this. This is one of my favourite photos from her first few weeks at home. Looking back, we spent many nights downstairs instead- Elsie peaceful in her Snuzpod and me glued to Gossip Girl!

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  • How we use the Snuzpod The Snuzpod can be used as a stand alone crib as we did in the early days , a bedside crib or a bassinet the stand is removable which means you can use it any way you like.

    For us this has meant a lot more flexibility than we were used to previously. During the day, we can take the Snuzpod downstairs as a bassinet for day time sleeps, and at night we have the stand attached to our bed secured with clips that are provided so that we can co-sleep safely. The crib has a soft mesh panel on the side that faces the bed so it is not open and therefore a lot more snug than some of the three sided bedside sleepers and no bars means no drafts too.

    With the mesh panel zipped up, Elsie is in a cosy little crib and it means that I can pop her upstairs for the first part of the evening and she is perfectly safe. She usually wakes soon after I go to bed, so I unzip the panel and bring her into the bed to feed her.

    What we love The Snuzpod is safe.

    They have several styles available, some gender neutral and some more typically gender specific. This causes sweats which upset and distress the baby but also can transfer into the mattress making it damp and softening it over time. Bumper to bumper While cot bumpers can help your nursery to look very sweet, you're better off skipping them invest in an eye-catching wall print if you're looking to add some pattern and colour to your space.

    It is a washable, breathable crib that stands on solid wood and is sturdy and secure. Ultimately, she has her own space and we are able to co-sleep safely and happily.

    I would highly recommend this product and will look to purchase from this company in the future. The courier company were very helpful when we called and were happy to provide a delivery time which we were not expecting.

    In the early days, this is so handy for nappy change storage! The Snuzpod is cosy but roomy. Yes, Elsie is a small baby, but you can see that she barely fills the crob at almost six months.

    The Snuzod is not intended for babies over the age of around six months, or when they are able to sit up. At the moment we are still ok for a while as Elsie cannot yet sit up.

    The zip mesh panel is a fantastic idea and works so well! We use it every single day and Elsie really does sleep well in there.

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  • It has meant that our co-sleeping journey has been able to continue safely and that Elsie has a safe place to sleep when I cannot be by her side. If I was to change one thing it would be the colour- the natural wood is beautiful, but Little Green Sheep make this crib in other colours too- the white and grey are both lovely choices, but if you pop over to their Facebook page you could help to decide the future of new Snuzpod colours!

    I highly recommend, and hope that if you go for it you will love it as much as me.

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    We were sent one Snuzpod and bedding for review purposes only. All opinions are my own.



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