double cot bed designs images Double cot bed designs images

Innovation is not just about taking the current design several steps forward, At times it is about changing existing perceptions with a whole new trend.

Yet, very few homes seem to have embraced this circular delight. On the face of it, a circle bed seems like an exciting and interesting way to freshen up the look of your bedroom.

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Beautiful modern bedroom with a stylish round bed Yet it takes both proper planning, a good bit of work and the right design to make it all work. It is all about adding that loopy twist! Inspiring Round Beds Ideas Round bed and circular mirrors on the walls help bring back the 70s in style!

The storage consists of two shelves and two drawers with an extendable wooden tray to maximize the space to keep the stuff. If you have a different theory, let us know in the comments, and we may add it to our list of ratios!

In the modern times, visibility plays an important factor in choice. Since we see so many bedroom design ideas in magazines and on the internet that sport only square and rectangular beds, our mind naturally favors them. Yet, give it some thought and you will realize the novelty factor that circular beds bring in. Antique decor and a round bed combine to create a modern bedroom Sophisticated contemporary bedroom with ergonomic round bed at its heart by Pressoto For ages, circular beds have been a symbol of opulence, style, sophistication and the exotic.

They have been associated with Hollywood stars, music icons and exclusive royalty. This is why so many luxury hotels and lavish destinations use them for guest rooms, while most home owners feel that round beds are not for them! Wonderful use of dark and light tones for this circle bed Vivacious bedroom with a flashy circle bed at its center Stylish modern round bed nicely tucked in a corner by Prealpi Dazzling lighting and yellow accents steal the show here!

Interesting, Playful and Romantic Satin covered round bed in scarlet with black cushions for a perfect romantic bedroom theme by Cranium Furniture There are plenty of ways in which one can use the round bed. Adults can add a bit of scarlet red and beautiful blue to invite a romantic vibe into the master bedroom.

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  • Playful and exciting bedroom design with a round bed Curved cabinets and innovative lighting compliment the plush round bed by S. Ltd One can even use a round bed on the pool deck or terrace space to create a passionate setting next to the fireplace as you enjoy a lovely sunset or the distant view of the sea. The circle bed simply seems to bring with it a quality that turns everything normal into something special and memorable.

    double cot bed designs images Double cot bed designs images

    Contemporary round bed-set helps create exquisite interiors by Prime Classic Design Modern bedroom in a white and red theme with a stylish circle bed Circle bed can complement a curved wall to perfection by Dupuis Design Simple and elegant way to use the circle bed in a modern home A Twist in Design that Fits with Every Theme Chic and fashionable use of the round bed for a bedroom in white The common perception is that the round bed only fits the classic and traditional themes.

    With stunning designs that world class furniture makers now offer, such a discernment could not be more wrong. In fact, sleek and stylish circle beds are ideal for a contemporary and even a minimalist home. They work well in uncanny spaces where there is a curved wall or even a corner that needs to be utilized. Gorgeous circle bed with drawers in the back for storage by EuroLux Lavish and luxurious bedroom design using a round bed There is no doubt that the circle bed carries with it a very special aura.

    You might also have to do a bit of extra work when it comes to finding the sheets and the right cushions for your special round bed.

    Thank You, Wooden Street! Ancient Romans had various kinds of beds for repose.

    But the final look of affluence it brings in is more than worth it all! Circle bed used well can turn your bedroom into a luxury hotel Pristine white room sports an equally classy circle bed by Catherine Condoroussis Design Interesting abstract art and a romantic round bed make for an fascinating combination Classic bedroom with a charming circle bed setup by Plural Design Inc Liked the story? Share it with friends.

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