gro to bed jolly jungle cot bedding Gro to bed jolly jungle cot bedding
gro to bed jolly jungle cot bedding Gro to bed jolly jungle cot bedding

We have the Gro anywhere blinds, Gro clock and now the Gro to bed bedding sets. Packaging This slideshow requires JavaScript. Everything was packaged very nicely in the box, the whole bedding set fit in the box that you can see above which is always a bonus. You can see the design on the front of the Gro to bed box and it has all the information about the set around the other sides.

gro to bed jolly jungle cot bedding Gro to bed jolly jungle cot bedding

It was one of those boxes where I thought, do I put it in the recycling or do I reuse it? So basically it is a full bedding set; pillowcase, sheet and duvet cover.

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All of them are linked together; the pillow is attached to the sheet, the sheet is attached to the mattress, and the duvet zips onto the sheet. If your children are anything like my boys, you will go into their room in the morning and the duvet is probably on the floor, pillows thrown in all directions and teddies are hiding under all of it.

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  • This Gro to Bed bedding set stopped all of that from happening. What we thought about the gro to bed sets This slideshow requires JavaScript. I was a bit sceptical about the set to begin with because I thought it would be a nightmare to get on the bed.

    As with the Belgravia scarf the Caledonian scarf offers an easy, stylish, practical solution to nursing in public. The bus mad twin had the biggest smile on his face when he saw the new red bus! As always when you take the duvet out of the box you immediately notice the fantastic quality that you would expect from Gro, the duvet feels soft and light and the stitching is perfect all over.

    I was surprised at how easy it was in the end to be honest. Leo loved his new bedding, he chose the Jolly Jungle set and we chose the Counting Sleep set for Mylo.

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  • Both sets were in the single size because the boys are in bunk beds and it all fit perfectly. The designs on the bedding sets are lovely and colourful. We are very happy with them and we will continue to shop at The Gro Company.

    Not a con as such, but something to be aware of. PIN THIS POST I wasn't sure how A would take to the Gro to Bed, as he seems to enjoy being a fidgety sleeper, and will often fall asleep with his pillow over his head and his duvet bundled around his feet, but so far we've had no problems at all, and lo and behold, once we check on him, he's sound asleep, snug in his bed as he should be!

    You can find The Gro Company on their: Website , Twitter , Facebook and Instagram. We received the Gro to Bed bedding sets in return for a review. All opinions and images are that of my own.

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