ikea cot bed grey Ikea cot bed grey
We love our Romina Furniture. Two men in a van came the next day.

Jun A smell that may outlast religion 1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 11, Hi Ikea person the mattress seems to be comfortable enough. I have 2 different Aldi mattress toppers on it, and the smell is improving each day. It's a little too late to put the "stink" warning in the instructions, and it's going to be inconvenient returning it to the store now that it is a double bed mattress unrolled.

If Ikea is going to sell "stinky" mattresses, they should come with a pre-purchase warning, rather than people taking them home and stinking out their bedding and homes. Thanks for your half hearted offer of assistance, but I will persist since the stink is slowly dissipating.

All cribs and furniture made under these brands are Greenguard Gold certified, but the main difference I have identified between these brands and Natart is that some Nest and Tulip furniture may include wood veneers. Plus at the moment it gives him oodles of space to crawl around whilst bashing everything with a piece of train track.

If I weren't a senior with back problems, I'm sure giving the mattress a good vaccum would also help, as suggested in the instructions. As a gesture of good will you could pay for a reputable steam cleaning service to come and perform the task, and put and end to my problem, once and for all.

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  • I won't hold my breath for that, but probably should. I gave the surface of the Hovag a whole can of branded name carpet spray.

    mothercare cot bed sheets size

    Used as directed and let dry. I then began vacuuming on and on and on with the a Dyson small bowl. Actually designed for carpet and other flooring, so very powerful.

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  • I spent about an hour going over and over the top, two days in a row. My plan left a heavy perfume scent from the carpet shampoo, but there was still a slight smell of mould on the sides and the bottom of the Hovag.

    ikea cot bed grey Ikea cot bed grey

    Now I notice some water stains, which I have photographed. I half dragged and half carried the Hovag down the stairs to my SUV, but it didn't quite fit. I called Ikea and after about 40 minutes on every single call I was given a case number, and an agreement to get it picked up.

    ikea cot bed grey Ikea cot bed grey

    Two men in a van came the next day. They cruelly dragged the Hovag along the road into the van, and I had felt sad that after all the work I had done. I had failed to give Hovag a proper home and it will now probably end up in land fill. I am feeling very positive about it. If I am ever unhappy about an Ikea product again and this is the first time in 40 years I will kiss it goodbye, and chain it to the streetlight in front of my house.



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