jamestown cot bed dimensions Jamestown cot bed dimensions
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  • South Hills business section. Termed Equipment and property, city location. Cimtf fixtures and larre stock, price 2. V includes fountain booth. SPJ5 weeklv nrice Simi. Neighborhood store, no competition. No heavy interest, no red tape the tim-plet, safest, surest, investment plan any home owner could ask for. The key is yours and the title is yours when you make a mall down payment, and arrange for convenient payments of 1 tt the price of your property payments that amount to actually lets than the rental value I Instead of rent, you pay only fo.

    See these splendid Mt. Lebanon homes today; investigate the many other SCOTT values listed in this section; make your selection and move into your own home tomorrow. John Forester, East Ohio St. Will build and finance any type ot home. In the 44 For Sale or Exchange for 2 six-room single or double, will add casa lor clear.

    Mod ern 6-room brick duplex; no incumbrances: Ohio Farm acres, clear, will trade for income property and pay cash dif- reiernee. East Liberty Business property, new build ings. Bernard s scnool and church, stores and street cars: OOO cash and S East End home, write a HAVE client who will exchange O-room prick nouse.

    KM si IK moire ana cord. Grocery, with beer dis tributing: WILL pay' cash for confectionery or grocery doing:: Dranrht bar equipment- dralnboarda counter, back bar.

    Fixtures and equipment of all kinda new and used. Established Same Locality 42 Years. BABY carriage, reed, very rood condition,.

    jamestown cot bed dimensions Jamestown cot bed dimensions

    Cnmnlete, eauioment for every business; new and used: BRICK, lumber, pipe and all other build-ing materials, cheap. Joist, studding, sheeting, flooring, doors, win-dews. BODY Mangle for laundry, hotel or hospital. BINS Office furniture and equipment: Dodge and Plymouth parts.

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    Company, Penn Ave. May- flower 42 in. Beautiful lunch counter, also ras ranrs: Maurer, Moneta St.. Larre selection of office furniture and filmr cabinets. Per ral Onictr-rirvins- enamels, all colors.

    For S to 10 rooms, all practically as rood, and guaranteed as if new. Also upward of 1. A -i condition, siirhtly used: Two Decker, practically new.

    Rt'UD 31 instantaneous beaters, like new. Kel vinator double compressor; a bargain. Office Seekers We belo you. Also Fall Bargain Bulletin. BO acres on paved road overlooking Allegheny River, finest view in W. Good buildings, lime and coal open, our biggest bargain at S1. Fu'l detail on request. Limestone land 70 acres seeded to wheat, easily tilled.

    jamestown cot bed dimensions Jamestown cot bed dimensions

    Fine brick house, stone barn and outbuild ings. SI, cash, balance on above terms. Send for list of desirable farms. Fine tinning, battling, ooat inr. Great poultry and fruit section-Fine agricultural and Tung oil lands- Good roads Schools Churches and pure oft watei feet above, sea level. Located on hard Pinchot road, dark level soil, good woods, house, barn and out buildings. Don't hesitate, see this farm. W-rnom house, state roof, open fireplace, barn, waron shed. Perry Highway 6 acres. Just off the press, mr bir farm list of choice farm, barrains.

    Free for the asking. Delightful homes and money-making farms. B-room house, handy to csrs. George, Juniper St. Klein 31 a Holland AT.. Es tablished district, bus. IB miles west or fitteourgn: U7 soutn Evaiine St. To close an estate, two-story store and apartment building, two-story warehouse, gas station and five rarares. District Will buy brick house.

    East End or vicinity? Write V Jis, Press. No collateral to offeri Merit of product, rood will, accounts receivable principal assets.

    LARGE inheritance is available for straight mortgages on ciu jum suouroan properties. Owners only write G South Hills; suitable for business. WANT money for rood first mortgage; and Interest advanced.

    Owner will accept real estate In exchange. In scoring the test performance of a child there is always some uncertainty as to whether the child is failing in a test item or whether he is merely distracted. Phono Richland 26 R

    IOO modern ly for- ,,nwl rooms, liquor license: Friridaire equipment, includes kitchen. See this at once. Millvale; doinr nice business: We have your opportunity. Heater gallons minute ; reasonable, 1: Must sell account ill health. O , Press office. This is a high class, dignified business proposition that will stand strict investigation. Write, rivinr telephone number and address, J GOOD business man located central Penn sylvania city, iitteen year state wide proven record on S30O article, wants sales management on rood article with rood company: Have capital to invest in small patented articles.

    RARE opportunity for mechanical engineer and draftsman by concern making small. Modest investment, part casb.

    S10O TO S 1.

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  • Employment, with investment, if desired. Ivory Coal Co- Rorerton Ave. Penhurst ; Aimersosi Pittsburrhl vein, not Freeport or Ztedstone. OOO feet 11 an z-incn. Save Money at Burke Bros.



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