my cot travel bed My cot travel bed

Buy from Amazon What to consider when buying best toddler travel bed Choosing the best toddler travel bed can be confusing, but we have prepared factors to consider when buying.

Type of toddler travel bed There are three types of toddler travel bed Inflatable toddler travel bed- the bed requires being filled with air when you are setting up and let air out when you want to take back down again.

It comes with an electric pump to deflate or inflate. Advantages of inflatable toddler travel bed Most of them are raised on side help prevent the baby fall on the fall.

Comfort Your child develops when they are deep asleep. Folding portable toddler beds are also easier to carry and comfortable for your child to sleep in.

There are made of tear-resistant and quality plastic making the best durable and last longer. Once the air is blown out they back down easily and are compact, allowing to store and move from one place to another. Also, they can easily fit into the airplane hand luggage. When blown up the bed is ultra-comfortable. Disadvantages The bed is expensive compared with foldable travel bed.

Foldable toddler travel bed The bed is made of frames which simply fold-up.

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The bed is not raised sides as an inflatable toddler bed, but it relies on the baby weight to make the bed sag in the middle. Advantages of foldable toddler travel bed The foldable bed can be used as an outside bench for toddlers or camping chair. It is suitable for to use around the home and can easily fit in the car trunk, making it best for the road trip Cons There are bulky they cannot fit into airplane hand luggage Size of the bed There is no need to buy a toddler bed that just fit your child for one month and the next two months you need to buy.

Also, size of the toddler bed plays a vital role, especially if you travel a lot. For instance, if you travel by air the choice of bed you choose has to be in small size to fit airplane hand luggage.

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  • Inflatable travel bed is the best choice when traveling by air because is compact. Where else foldable bed is the best fit when traveling by road as long as the bed fit into the car trunk.

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  • Easy to use Nothing frustrating than buying a bed that requires a complicated mechanism to fold-up, inflate, and deflate. It is important to buy the bed that you can easily inflate, deflate or assemble together.

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  • There are beds that require more effort to set-up or dismantle. The inflatable bed you just require a pump to inflate. Safety Make sure before buying the bed it meets American safety standard and if your baby is active or roll while sleeping choose the bed that is raised on the side to prevent the baby from falling.

    my cot travel bed My cot travel bed

    You can also consider buying a portable toddler bed rail to prevent the baby from rolling out the bed. Age of the toddler Most toddler travel beds are suitable for babies from 2 years and up. Choose the bed that has a larger age range you can use for a longer period. If your baby is less than two years old opt for a travel crib. The weight of the bed It is good to choose the bed that is lightweight.

    For instance, the camping cases where you are forced to walk a distance to a place where you are setting up a tent you need a bed that is lightweight you can easily carry on your back. Every toddler travel bed has a label of maximum weight it can handle check on that before buying. The benefit of toddler travel bed Portable and lightweight Toddler beds you can easily fold into a small fit easily in a bag and take along whenever you travel.



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