wooden cot with bed Wooden cot with bed

What are Bed Frame Slats? Slats are the main base types for bed frames, they are a series of connected bars that lie across the width of the bed frame.

Made from strong wood such as pine or beech, these bars work together with your mattress to provide support.

You can choose from two types of slats; solid slats or sprung slats. There are two main differences between solid and sprung slats, in terms of: Each slat runs across the width of the bed frame. This creates a firmer, more supportive bed. Sprung slats are often made from flexible beech wood with a gentle, upward-facing arch. These slats create a more plush and cushioned feel. A sprung slatted bed frame with a centre support rail What are solid slats?

Made from sturdy solid wood such as pine, solid slats create a supportive, firm base for your mattress. The flat base provides a firmer feel when paired with your mattress - great if you are looking for high levels of support. The Silentnight Hayes Pine Wooden Bed Frame with solid slats for firmer support The gap between your solid slats may differ slightly from bed to bed.

We advise that the gap between slats shouldn't exceed more than 8cm approximately 3 inches. A gap wider than this will cause greater wear and tear to your mattress.

Are you looking for a bed frame with solid slats? All of our bed frames with solid slats will have this icon: Solid slatted base icon - found on our product pages What are sprung slats? Sprung slats are made from flexible beech wood and are slightly curved.

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The design allows the slats to respond to your body weight and relieve pressure points. The GFW Hollywood Faux Leather Ottoman Bed features sprung slats for flexible support Sprung slats work with your mattress to provide gentle support and a more cushioned sleeping surface - great if you don't like a really firm bed. These slats also tend to reduce strain on your mattress to improve the overall lifespan of your mattress.

Look out for our sprung slat icon found on all of our sprung slatted bed frames to make sure you've got the right bed: Icon for our sprung slatted bed frames How do slatted bases work? Solid and sprung slats work in very different ways. One provides a firmer sleeping experience, while the other offers a gentle level of support. Solid bed frame slats feature a row of slats that lie across the entire width of the bed. These are then reinforced with an additional support bar that runs down the middle of the bed frame.

This centre support bar creates a more sturdy bed frame structure. Sprung bed frame slats feature two rows of slats connected by a centre support rail. These curved slats face upwards and respond to your individual weight for more flexible support. Can I pair any mattress with my slatted base?

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  • Yes, you can pair any mattress with your slatted bed frame, no matter what fillings your mattress has. Some brands, such as Dunlopillo , may state that their mattresses require slatted bases with specific size gaps between the slats. Please check the product information before purchasing.

    The only exception is when you are purchasing a mattress for a slatted adjustable bed. A mattress for a slatted adjustable bed needs to be specifically designed to move with your adjustable bed.

    The simple but functional designs Childhome have created, as well as taking care of the world our children will grow up in, are just a few of the reasons we here at Cuckooland love them and we are sure you will too! Due to additional courier charges, a surcharge will apply to Scotland, ROI, and areas outside Mainland UK for furniture deliveries and orders over 20kg and with a carton size larger than 61cm x 46cm x 46cm.

    For this reason, you should purchase an adjustable mattress. How do I assemble a bed frame with slats? Slatted bed frames often come flat packed, so will need to be assembled by you.

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  • To make this easier, all of our bed frames come complete with assembly instructions. Simply follow the step-by-step guide to build your bed. How to assemble a bed with solid slats If you need a bed that's quick and easy to assemble, you may want to consider a solid slatted base.

    The wooden slats often come as a full set, connected with fabric on either side, so you don't have to individually attach each slat. Take one end of your connected slats and place them at the headboard of your bed frame Use the screws provided to attach the end of your slats to the side rail Pull the remaining slats to the footend of your bed and screw in place Secure your middle slats with the screws provided Assembly diagram for a solid slatted bed frame How to assemble a bed with sprung slats Bed frames with sprung slats require a little bit more assembly, since each slat needs to be placed into a separate slat holder.

    Place all of your plastic slat connectors, 'E', into the pre-drilled holes on the centre support rail With the arch of your slat facing upwards, slot this into one side of the slat connector Attach a plastic cap end, 'D', to the other end of your slat Push your slat with attached cap end into the pre-drilled holes on the side rail of your bed frame Repeat this process until all slats are in place Diagram for assembling a sprung slatted bed frame What bed frames have a slatted base?

    wooden cot with bed Wooden cot with bed

    We have a fantastic range of bed frames from traditional wooden frames to stylish fabric beds. All of our bed frames come with either solid slats or sprung slats. If you prefer a firmer bed, solid slats are a better option. These slats can be found in a range of our wooden beds.

    To enhance your firm night's sleep, these bed frames are best paired with a firm mattress. For more gentle support, sprung slats work best.

    Steel furniture can come in so many different innovative designs, whereas traditional wood is necessarily limited to very conservative designs. Great customer service Lincoln store - The entire experience from the first moment walking into the shop in Lincoln to the arrival and placement of the bed was a great experience. The carefully designed Oliver Furniture cot bed has two height settings:

    Pair any of our sprung slatted bases with a soft to a medium mattress and enjoy a sumptuous night's sleep. We have a wide range of solid and sprung slat bed frames, including:



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