cots and cribs Cots and cribs
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Delivery to the car rental centre at Manchester airport worked perfectly and Jeanette was very responsive and helpful. It was in excellent condition and a real showstopper at my daughters wedding. Jeanette was lovely to deal with and offered an excellent service at a reasonable price.

cots and cribs Cots and cribs

It's impossible to be able to recommend Jeanette highly enough! All of the equipment was also cleaned by Jeanette to such a high standard prior to use that you'd have easily believed it was all new.

She stayed with us for almost 3 hours fitting seats and everything into the impossibly small hire car. After our trip she came back to the hotel for collection to make things easier for us! A truly great service.

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  • We had delayed flights and a terribly slow wait for shuttle to the car rental village and Jeanette took in all in her stride. Fabulous service, excellent communication, great quality car seats. Highly recommend this business, we will be booking in next time we're back. The service and communication was excellent.

    I would highly recommend Cheshire Baby hire to anyone we know traveling with children to the UK.

    We considered a normal side sleeping crib at first, thinking it was the best option available for our needs. Allow me to lay your fears and curiosities to rest by explaining just exactly what a co sleeping crib is and why I wish my husband and I had discovered it earlier! She stayed with us for almost 3 hours fitting seats and everything into the impossibly small hire car.

    The child seats were great and easy to use. Jeanette provided 5 star service at a great price. We chose to leave all our essentials in Sydney and hire a cot, pram, car seat and seat booster from Cheshire baby hire. After a few emails to Jeanette I asked her what I needed put the order through and left the rest to her.

    We generally get very positive feedback about our paints from our customers. Our advice for using second-hand mattresses It can be common to use a second-hand mattress either from friends and family, or from your previous children. Mobiles are musical toys to soothe the baby to sleep, but should be removed before the child can stand 8 to 12 months of age.

    Jeanette liaised with my sister with whom we were staying with and dropped everything off the day before our arrival. The equipment was modern, clean and easy to use, there were even a few clean cot sheets thrown in for free which was great as we didn't even think about them.

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  • I found the whole experience excellent and would highly recommend Jeanette business and service for anyone looking to hire such equipment, we'll certainly be using her again.



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