infant cot Infant cot

Tickets and seats for children Infants up to 2 years of age Your child will require a valid ticket, but does not have to have its own seat.

During the flight, an infant will sit on an adult's lap, secured by a special seatbelt.

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  • Newborns less than a week old need to have a doctor's certificate stating that they are fit to fly. In case an infant turns 2 between the outbound- and inbound journey of a ticket, a child ticket has to be issued for the entire itinerary. Infant discount no longer applies and the child fare has to be charged for all segments.

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  • Children aged between 2 to 11 years Your child will travel on its own seat at the favourable child's tariff plus SWISS service fee on most flights. If you book online, the service charge is usually lower. Children's seats on an aircraft Take your child's seat on board the aircraft if your child is under 12 years of age and under 27kg. In case of infants a separate seat has to be booked for the flight. Although you are responsible for fitting the seat, our crew will be pleased to help you.

    Baby bassinets and buggies Baby bassinets are available in all flight classes on long haul flights and in Business Class on European flights.

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    They are approved for babies of up to 8 months and weighing a maximum of 11 kg. The number of cots is limited, so please be sure to contact our Service Center in good time. Take your fold up one-piece buggy right to the aircraft. You will be given a label at the check-in desk. Depending on your destination, your buggy will be returned to you either when you disembark or on the baggage carousel. Because of their size, prams and buggies for more than one child must be checked in as baggage.

    Menus for babies and children We serve special baby meals on all flights. Of course, special children's menus can also be provided on request. On European flights, this service is only available in Business Class.

    Babies' and children's menus can be ordered up to 24 hours in advance from the Service Center. Entertainment on board To help prevent boredom, our crews hand out puzzles, colouring books and other toys on most flights. On long haul flights, we entertain our younger passengers with films for all ages, computer games and with our music channel for children. Immigration regulations for children Lots of countries, such as South Africa, have special immigration regulations for children.

    More about health and travel Children travelling alone Parents often worry when their child is about to embark on this particular adventure. It says that based on existing research by SIDS researchers across the world over the last 25 years, it continues to recommend that a cot or moses basket is still the safest place for a baby to sleep.

    Make sure that you have all the required documents ready before your trip. You will find all the necessary information here. When not to fly A healthy child can fly without any concerns whatsoever. However, should you be uncertain, contact your paediatrician. We do advise against flying if your child has a bad cold, a high temperature or has recently had surgery. Parents are required to change their flight arrangements if their child has an infectious childhood disease such as chicken pox or measles.

    Additional charges may be incurred. Symptoms may only become evident during a flight if a child has a congenital disease that has not yet been identified. These diseases include serious anaemia, heart defects and deformations of the lungs. Book now The big jungle adventure Bernie and Lexi have an exciting adventure lined up for all inquisitive kids.

    There's plenty for young explorers to discover: Check out the jungle adventure Health and travel A long flight is physically demanding. Who has health problems needs to have his fitness to fly basically. Healthy passengers increase their well-being with a few tricks. More about health and travel Children travelling alone Parents often worry when their child is about to embark on this particular adventure. And although there are various reasons why a child might have to fly unaccompanied, there is no reason to worry about it.

    Our UM service takes care of children travelling alone before, during and after the flight.

    Also remove any cherry pit pillows, electric blankets and similar from the cot. This campaign was launched because research showed that the fashion at the time for placing babies to sleep on their front increased the risk of a cot death. Mirrors are to keep the children entertained while awake in the bed.

    You are welcome to book the service if you like for minors aged between 12 and 17 years. The UM service is only available if the child's entire journey is booked on one ticket. All flights must be under the same flight ticket number. If a child is travelling with several tickets, we cannot guarantee the connecting flights and so are unable to offer the UM service.

    If your planned itinerary includes flights that are operated by airlines other than SWISS it is necessary to contact our Service Centre before booking the ticket to ensure that the UM service is available.

    UM service is mandatory If accompanied by a person of minimum 12 years: Book the ticket and the UM service by phone. Documents Make sure that all the necessary travel documents are available. Complete the Assistance form Handling Advice Form on a computer and print out enough copies.

    infant cot Infant cot

    The child will need two copies of the form for each sector. So if travelling, for instance, Zurich-Paris-Zurich, four copies will be required. Your signature confirms that the costs for meals, overnight accommodation or transfers will be paid if the person who is to meet your child fails to turn up at the destination and the child has to fly back. Please also observe the special Visa regulations for children. Handover One of the parents or an authorised adult takes the child to check-in along with the signed assistance forms.

    At the airport Our assistance staff will collect your child from check-in and stay with him or her through passport control and security to the gate. The person who brought the child must remain at the airport until the flight has taken off. On the aircraft A member of the cabin crew will welcome the child on board and look after him or her for the duration of the flight.

    At the destination After landing, our assistance staff will welcome the child at the gate and take him or her through passport control and customs. The person who is collecting the child must arrive punctually at the terminal, be a legal adult and have identification. The tariff is charged per child and sector.

    The outbound and return flights are counted as two separate flights.



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