king parrot scout cot mattress size King parrot scout cot mattress size

Croquet Set 6 mallets, 6 balls, 2 goal posts, 1 carrying case 7. Saddle Soap 10 oz lOea. Boy Scout Axes, comp.

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  • Wooden Oak Barrels 50 Gal 2. Steel Baking and Roasting Pans. Steel Fence Posts 2 ft. White Shellac, 4 lb. Gliddens Brand Veldros interior white water paint 57 ea. Phone Store Hours: All metal pre-fabricated houses. Lumber All types 2x4, 1x6, 1x All types of stoves, iceboxes and fixtures.

    Waikiki after 10 a. Kawailoa beach, Pole No. New 15 record combination radio-phonograph, office desk, 4 chairs, breakfast set. Call after 4 p. Rattan punee with box springs and innerspring mattress. Easy to keep clean. Child's screened Kiddie Koop with mat-tress and 4 draw chest.

    Living room rattan set, also 1 basin. New youth bed mattress made. Pa cific Mattress, tel. Double decker beds for sale. Hulls with or without engines. Sold individually or in lots. Phone Have your boat surveyed and appraised eetore Buying. Can you finance repair and insure it? Phone ask for Roland.

    Brand new marine diesel engines. For sale gasoline engine. Any quantity Phone Call or Also lobster and throw nets.

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    We buv, sell, haul and drydock boats. Wanted hub cap for Packard clip per 6. Small air compressor with tank Phone Wanted modern ukulele with case Phone Horses suitable for cattle ranch or riding academy.

    During the course of the afternoon the room filled up till all six beds were occupied and two groups of three were soon discussing food, local talent girls and when do we go down to look at Stirling town. Under the right side handle was a lever and when this lever was pulled a spark fired the mixture and the dumper leapt about a foot into the air. I sometimes thought that if some one were to take a movie of the desert, and speed it up, it would look like an enormous pot of yellow brown porridge boiling.

    Tongg 2 fresh cows Kalihi St. Eating rabbits and ducks for sale Phone Fish food, love birds. German roller canaries, Marco pumps, fillers 4t supplies. Kehl Fourth Ave. German short haired pointers, healthy, 3 mos. Grand all around hunters as well as loyal companion dogs. Call or eves. AKC wirehaired fox terrier, male. Phone Black male old. German short hair pointer pups. Roller training records, cages and var.

    Phone or Ducks, rabbits and roller canaries for sale. AKC registered German Shepherd stud for hire. See at Round Top drive atter np. Ink Spots, Andrews sisters. Guitar, uke and steel guitar. Pianos Wanted Any condition. Phone and Lvon and Healy baby grand piano. Portable phonograph RCA Victor.

    Lester Betsy Ross Spinet 18th St. Puuloa after 4. Small upright piano, good condition. Old but good Hotpoint kitchen stove sale. Large stock print and plain materials Just arrived.

    king parrot scout cot mattress size King parrot scout cot mattress size

    Expert work; free est. Phone 2 single punees. Can' be seen at Roval Hawauan Ave. S door chiffonier and new table lamp. A 11 for S Pacific Mattress Factory Hopaka. Depot Service Station Open until 1 a. Phone North King St. General Cab Phone If no answer call Cor. Kenny's Radio Service Kapiolani Blvd. Jeep generators repaired and exchanged. Boulevard Motors Kapiolani Blvd. Phone Open Every Evening to 7 p.

    Car- wanted from private party. Soecial made cabinets and phsry. Phone tee Wra. Lee Kwai or Martin G.

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  • Campbell Block Room 20 Upstairs corn. Corner Hotel and Alakea Phone even. The town's most modem studio and profitable business. Apply in person between Good location and clientele.

    Phones or Leaving complete stock Children's Dresses Sizes Cotton and pique and continue line, recent arrival. Family "size laundrv for sale at Fort Kam. Picture Booth Good" locality. Offering variety of Christmas cards at jobbers prices. All types of jeep parts available. You will like the way we do business. Hawaiian Auto Finance Co. Radio elect, clock fbr car. Ph after 4: One International truck, one ton express.

    Good condition, with good rubber. HarrelK Lincoln zephyr, , 4 door sedan.

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